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This is a multilingual portal site established to provide essential information and information on   the tourism resources around the Lake Pia Usui shopping complex in front of Usui Station in    Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture for the benefit of people from outside the area and visitors from around the world. The site highlights transit tours that take in the historical locations and natural beauty of Sakura as well as the seasonal events that take place. 

The purpose of GLOBAL-USUI is to place all of the information about Usui and Sakura at your fingertips. 

🌸This is Usui🌸

Usui's iconic camphor tree in front of Usui Station
Usui's iconic camphor tree in front of Usui Station

❖Profile of Sakura City and Usui

 Located in northern Chiba Prefecture, Usui is in the western part of Sakura City. Located some 40km from central Tokyo, it is blessed with a picturesque natural landscape. Its attractions include the tulip fields and Dutch windmill on the shores of Lake Inba (Inba-numa) a cycling path that runs from the Tone River to Tokyo Bay along the lake and a Fisheries Research Center. The area is also steeped in history, including monuments inscribed with the poems of the Usui clan samurai who were part of the powerful Bando Heishi samurai, Usui Castle itself and adjoining Hachiman Shrine, as well as other shrines and temples. With easy access to central Tokyo via the Keisei Main Line, Usui today has developed the lifestyle infrastructure to make it an ideal commuter town. 


Tulips and the windmill
Tulips and the windmill

❖Sakura Furusato Square


 Situated along the banks of Lake Inba, Furusato Square is a popular spot for local residents to relax. 

During the Edo period, the Sakura, along with Nagasaki, was a famous center Western medicine introduced by the Dutch, drawing medical students from around the country. That history lives on today through cultural exchanges with the Netherlands. As a symbol of this connection, an authentic Dutch windmill was built at Sakura Furusato Square as a symbol of international goodwill. Every year, the area hosts many visitors for the Tulip Festival in April and the Sakura Fireworks Festival in August. 

Lake Inba viewed from Sunset Hills
Lake Inba viewed from Sunset Hills

❖Lake Inba (Inba-numa)

Bordering Usui to the north, Lake Inba is a symbol of Sakura City’s natural environment. Reclamation works completed in March 1969 connected the northern and western reservoirs via a channel, creating a long, narrow wetland with a perimeter of around 38km. A famed fishing spot for carp and other freshwater fish, the lake's surrounds have also been designated a prefectural parkland, complete with a cycling path, running course and walking trails. 

🌸Usui area events🌸


Sakura fireworks festa

Sakura Fireworks Festival 2023


Usui Festival

25th(2023)Usui  Festival



Usui Illumination Display

🌸Usui History Walk🌸

Around Keisei Usui Station, there are many walkable histories. It was originally developed during the Heian era, flourished as a post town after the war in the Sengoku period, and has reached the present day through large-scale land readjustment.


There are many other power spots. Why do not you go on foot or on a rental cycle?

  • Usui Joshi Park
  • Kenshin Ichiya Castle Site
  • Monument to Raiden Tameemon


Do you know? Celebrities from Usui


Mr. Shigeo Nagashima, Mr. Pro Baseball, Giants' lifetime honorary director, is from Usui. I enjoyed playing baseball here until I graduated from Sakura High School.




All members of the rock band BUNP OF CHICKEN are from Usui. I think “Tanpopo Hill” in the lyrics of the song is “Shukunai Park”.

△Usui Elementary School   

△Shukunai Park“Tanpopo Hill”