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🌸Usui is such a city🌸

Located in the northern part of Chiba Prefecture, in the central part of the Shimosa Plateau, the Usui district in the western part of Sakura City, 40 kilometers from the Tokyo, borders the "Inba marsh" and is blessed with many beautiful natural scenery. Along with the tulip fields and the Dutch windmill “Furusato Square”, "the Inba marsh", "the cycling road" that leads from the Tone River to Tokyo Bay, and the Inland Water Research Center, which studies freshwater fish farming. In addition, there is a monument to the guardian, Usui Castle based on Mr. Usui of the flow of Mr. Higashi Bando, and shrines and temples such as "Hachiman Shrine" related to this castle. In addition, since the Keisei Main Line has good access to the center of the city, it has been developed as a town that has well-equipped living facilities.


Usui Station and Usui's symbol “Kusunogi”

 Located on the banks of Inba Marsh, it is known as a place where you can interact with the nature of "Furusato" Inba Marsh and as a place of relaxation for Sakura citizens.


In the Edo period, the orchid medicine of Sakura feudal clan is so famous that it is said to be “Nagasaki in the west, Sakura in the east”, and medical students visited the land of Sakura from all over the country. Because of this history, cultural exchange with the Netherlands continues. As a symbol of this, a full-fledged Dutch windmill “Leafde” (Intention of a fraternity) has been built in “Sakura Furusato Hiroba”, making it a place for international friendship. Every year in April, the Tulip Festival is held, and in August the Sakura Civic Fireworks Festival is held.



Tulips and Dutch windmill “Leafde”

Inba, which represents the nature of Sakura City, borders the northern part of the Usui district. Due to the reclamation work completed in March 1969, the western and northern ponds were connected by the Inba Marsh Waterway, forming a slender swamp with a circumference of approximately 38km. There are many river fish such as carp and crucian carp, and it is famous as a fishing spot, but the whole area is considered to be a prefectural nature park, and a cycling road, running course,esplanade , etc. are maintained.



Inba marsh from Sunset Hills

🌸Usui area events🌸


Sakura city fireworks festa


Usui Hometown Festival


Usui Illumination Festa


Do you know? Celebrities from Usui


Mr. Shigeo Nagashima, Mr. Pro Baseball, Giants' lifetime honorary director, is from Usui. I enjoyed playing baseball here until I graduated from Sakura High School.




All members of the rock band BUNP OF CHICKEN are from Usui. I think “Tanpopo Hill” in the lyrics of the song is “Shukunai Park”.

△Usui Elementary School   

△Shukunai Park“Tanpopo Hill”