🌸Usui area events🌸

❖Usui Festival

 Usui festival is held every August. It brings together residents young and old and local businesses to have fun and be entertained on the hot summer nights. It is also an iconic symbol of the culture of this once medieval samurai center expressed in modern terms.  

Traditional mikoshi shrines are carried through the street by devotees to the beat of taiko drums and a long line of traditional dancers. 

 Recent additions to the festivities include live music and the Sakura Nebuta float featuring famed Shigeo Nagashima, director of the Giants baseball team, and legendary sumo great, Raiden.  


❖Usui Illumination Display


 From late-November, a colorful Christmas illumination display lights up the plaza between Usui Station and the Lake Pia shopping center. 

Central to this display is Usui’s iconic camphor tree, gorgeously illuminated to create a romantic atmosphere for visitors. 

 The light up ceremony has become a tradition in Usui to mark the arrival of winter and features concerts which features concerts and stall promoting local products and locations. The illumination remains on display until the end of February.