Profile of Sakura City and Usui

 Sakura City is located in the center of the Hokuso Plateau in the north of Chiba Prefecture. It is approximately 40km from central Tokyo, 15km from Narita Airport and 20km from Chiba City. Sakura abuts Lake Inba (Inba-numa) in the north and is blessed with a rich natural environment made up of the areas around Lake Inba and the site of Sakura Castle, as well as agricultural belts to its east and south. 

 Sakura City was established by amalgamating and incorporating the nearby towns and villages. This former towns and villages still retain their original characteristics and can be divided into 7 areas. Residential health services and garbage collection, etc. is divided into these 7 areas event today. 

City Emblem

City Tree 🌸 Sakura

(Cherry Blossom Tree)

City Flower


 Sakura's city emblem consists of metal bits from a horse's bridle arranged in a circle to form the shape of a cherry blossom. 

 In horse riding, metal bits are important for keeping the horse under control and so, this circle symbolizes the determination to ensure that Sakura City grows and develops. 

 The cherry blossom tree (sakura in Japanese) was selected by the public as the city's symbolic tree. 

The iris was selected as the symbolic flower of the city because of the lake that adjoins it. 

Walking Areas in Usui

🌸Play with Usui! 3 recommended walking courses🌸

1⃣ History course 2⃣ Healing course
3⃣ Peace course

Sakura Furusato Square

29 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 Established as a place for residents to enjoy the natural environment of Lake Inba, as well as a symbol of goodwill between Japan and the Netherlands. Enjoy the Dutch windmill and rest area, along with colorful tulips in spring and cosmos in autumn. 

2714 Usuida, Sakura ☎043-486-8898

Usui Joshi Park

25 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 On the site of the castle established by the Usui, descendants of the Chiba clan, the park’s hills command expansive views of Lake Inba. The area is also known for a battle during the Warring States period, in which Hara Tanesada, another Chiba descendant and lord of the castle, joined forces with the main Chiba clan to repel the attack of Uesugi Kenshin. In 1604, the castle was abandoned when its lord, Sakai Ietsugu, was forced to relocate to another domain by the Shogun. 

(Historic site designated by the city) Site of Usui Castle, Sakura City

Sakura City Concert Hall

5 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 A medium-sized hall with outstanding acoustics, highly regarded by leading musicians from around the world. Aside from classical music, the hall hosts a wide variety of events including dancing, theater and lectures.  Practice rooms are also available for rehearsal or small-scale piano recitals, etc. 


1-16 Ojidai, Sakura ☎043-461-6221

Monument to Raiden Tameemon

15 min walk from Keisei Usui Station north exit



 (1764-1825) A sumo wrestler born in the village of Oishi in Shinano Province (present-day Tomi City in Nagano). Raiden was touted as the greatest wrestler of the Edo period, winning more than 90 percent of his bouts. During his later years, Raiden lived with his family in Usui in Shimosa Province (present-day Sakura City). This monument is one of four around the country. Measuring 197cm and weighing 169kg, Raiden not only overpowered but also injured a succession of opponents in the ring, leading to three of his moves being banned: harite (slapping with the open hand), tsuppari (thrust) and kannuki (double-arm lock). 


1201 Usuidai, Sakura, Chiba (inside Myokaku Temple)


Nebuta:  3F, Lake Pia Usui 

1 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 Under the guidance of renowned fifth-generation Nebuta craftsman Sakuryu Chiba, a float depicting Usui’s famous figures was created as a special project for the 20th Usui Furusato Matsuri and is on permanent display at Lake Pia Usui. 


Usui Shopping Center Cooperative ☎043-461-1871


★Lake Inba Cycling Path

29 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 This 27.3km cycling path lets riders enjoy the pleasant breeze and lakeside scenery. Bicycles are also available for hire at Sakura Furusato Square by the windmill. 

Bike rental(Web site



Sakura City Tourism Association ☎043-486-6000

Lake Inba sightseeing cruise

29 min walk from Keisei Usui Station


 Take in the changing seasonal expressions of Lake Inba by boat. During events at Sakura Furusato Square, the boat offers cruises around the lake (40 min).Enjoy this rich natural environment in all its splendor from the water. 

Lake Inba sightseeing cruiseWeb site


Sakura City Tourism Association ☎043-486-6000

Sakura Natural Hot Spring, Sumire

26 min walk from Keisei Usui Station, 10 min by car


 Hot spring with water flowing directly from the source. During the day, enjoy a comfortable rest while experiencing the seasons; at night, soak up a moment of luxury amid illu minated scenery. A hidden gem. Come and enjoy a moment’s peace.


Sakura Natural Hot Spring, SumireWeb site

4-7-3 Someino, Sakura, Chiba ☎043-497-2625

Lake Inba Sunset Hills

50 min walk from Keisei Usui Station, 12 min by car

Map ⑨


 On a rise overlooking Lake Inba, this camping ground offers 37 spacious sites. Facilities include tennis courts and barbecue areas, and hosts events such as pizza-cooking and living on the land experiences. In recent times, the area has become popular for its far-off views of Tokyo Skytree. 27 Iinomachi, Sakura




Usui Sochinju Hachiman Shrine

30 min walk from Keisei Usui Station, 10 min by bus (Hatchiman)



 Established by Okitane Usui in 1338. During his many battles in Kyushu, Okitane won a great victory after praying at the Usa Hachiman shrine, inspiring him to establish a branch of the shrine in his own territory, Usui.


2-1-1 Hachimandai, Sakura, Chiba ☎043-487-7033

Someino Nanaido Park

20 min walk from Keisei Usui Station



 This beautiful park achieves a perfect balance of nature and urban style.  The park’s most pro minent feature is the large pond on its vast grounds, encircled by paths perfect for a stroll. Completing the circuit is said to take around half an hour. The playground includes large obstacle course-style equipment suitable for children up to nursery school age. Nearby is a community-run social space, Momo no Hiroba, where visitors can enjoy wood-fired pizza. Be sure to check it out! An ideal place to spend a day off in an elegant atmosphere. 


Sakura City Urban Parks and Greenery Division


Walking Areas in Sakura

Sakura Samurai Residences

7 min by bus from JR or Keisei stations

and a 5 min walk after leaving the bus



 The earthen walls and hedges from the old castle town are still visible on the road to the samurai residences today. Three buildings where the feudal lords of Sakura lived are open to the public: the former Kawara residence (cultural property designated by the prefecture), the former Tajima residence (cultural property designated by the city), and the former Takei residence. The sizes and styles of the residence depended on the status of the lord. 


Sakura Samurai Residences(Web site

57 Miyako-machi, Sakura     ☎ 043-486-2947

Ancient samurai trail, "Hiyodorizaka"

20 min walk from Keisei Sakura Station

15 min walk from JR Sakura Station



The trail adjoins the road to the samurai residences and is surrounded in bamboo almost exactly as it was in the Edo period. Bamboo lattice fences, screens and pipe fencing, etc. is effectively positioned along the gentle, winding slope giving an atmosphere where one might expect a samurai to appear. 


Sakura City Official Information